Practical guide of the 2023 short film festival

Practical guide of the 2023 short film festival

22 janvier 2023 0 Par SuperBougnat

Are you coming to the short film festival for the first time, in 2023?
Have you had your habits in the city for a long time?
In any case, this guide offers useful information for finding your way around, getting around, eating or simply discovering the city of Clermont-Ferrand.

So don’t hesitate… Follow the guide!

?? Une version en français de ce guide est disponible ici :


Locations of the festival

Here is an interactive map of all the main festival locations!

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Screening rooms

Professional meetings

Animation / Exhibitions

Various places


(examples: tram / bike)

Moove / Public transport


Clermont-Ferrand airport is connected to Paris and Lyon and some international destinations.
It is about 15 minutes by car from the center of the city (7 km).

Bus line 20 will take you to the tramway at the “Musée d’Art Roger Quilliot” stop.
By taking the tram towards “La Pardieu Gare” you can come to the city center and the Maison de la Culture.
The journey will take you approximately 35 minutes.

Timetables for line 20 at the airport.

Taxis are available at the airport.


Clermont-Ferrand station is connected to Paris and Lyon.
It is about a 25-minute walk from the town center (Place de Jaude – 1.6 km / 0.9 mi) and the Maison de la Culture (2 km / 1.2 mi).

Bus lines 4 (direction “Ceyrat Pradeaux”) or 8 (direction “Vallières”) will take you from the station to the Maison de la Culture in 9 to 11 minutes.
The ticket costs €1.60 and is valid for 1h10. Payment by contactless bank card directly on the composter inside the bus or tram).

Timetables for line 8 at the station (does not run on Sundays).
Timetables for line 4 at the station.

Source : Google Erath

Taxis and buses are located in front of the station (side “Avenue de l’Union Soviétique”).
If someone picks you up by car, it will be at the back of the station (side “rue Pierre Sémard”).
The nearest tram stops are “Place des Carmes” and “Delille”, 10/12 mins walk away.


Clermont-Ferrand has a network of self-service bicycles: C.vélo.
To use them, you must install the C.vélo application and subscribe to it.

The subscription price is €2 for 24 hours or €7 for 7 days.
Use is free for 30 minutes each time, then charged €2 every 30 minutes thereafter.
This allows you to travel between the different festival locations at no extra cost (journeys less than 30 minutes).
You have to wait 10 minutes after dropping off a bike at the station to be entitled to rent a new one.

Eat / Have a drink

Clermont-Ferrand has many restaurants, and you will find plenty of them in the city center.
Here is a map that shows some areas where their density is important (but you can also be surprised by walking in other areas!):

Source : OpenStreetMap et contributeurs
  • In pink, the Maison de la Culture sector • The most practical between 2 screenings and to meet festival-goers!
  • In blue, the “central plateau”, around the Cathedral • The greatest choice of restaurants.
  • In green, Place de Jaude and its surroundings • The kingdom of fast food of all kinds.
  • In yellow, the court sector • Varied traditional restaurants.

Would you rather have a drink, for an aperitif or to enjoy the special night on this 2023 short film festival?
Here are some areas where you will easily find a bar to your liking:

Source : OpenStreetMap et contributeurs

Visit the city

Want to visit the city, on the sidelines of the 2023 short film festival?
I offer you a selection all in pictures!
No explanations: the pleasure of discovery is yours. ?

Doing sports

Clermont-Ferrand is a very sporty city and many public facilities allow you to keep in shape.
Here is a selection of 6 easily accessible places in the city:

Source : OpenStreetMap and contributors
  1. Place des Buges • Petanque • Free but you will need boules (or have them lent).
  2. Place des Salins • Petanque • Free but you will need boules (or have them lent).
  3. Piscine Coubertin • Swimming, aquagym, aquafit, aquabike, hammam, sauna, jacuzzi • €3.60 • Website
  4. Philippe Marcombes stadium • Running, basketball, 5-a-side football, beach volleyball, tennis, rink hockey, skate park, rollerblading, table tennis, fitness • Free • Website
  5. Ice rink • €5.60 (access + skate rental) • Website
  6. Club Hippique Clermontois • €40 for a 45-minute individual lesson • Website

And also some private facilities:

  • Bowling du Brézet • 3.5 to 6 € • Website
  • Bowling B.Bowl • 4 to 6 € • Website
  • Urban Soccer • €65 to €100 • Website
  • Billiards Snook and Pool • 9 to 23 € • Website

Tips and tricks

Find out here:

Official festival links

Festival website:

Online catalog: here
Digital book for IOS: here
Digital book for Android: here

Ticket office: here

Exhibitions : here (in french)

January 31 strike

Clermont-Ferrand must know a demonstration which promises to be important, this Tuesday, January 31, 2023.
That of January 19 had brought together between 20,000 and 30,000 people.

The exact course is not known but we can start from the available information and the experience of January 19 to anticipate the consequences:

  • No tram during the event, and probably very few public transport services that day.
  • Strong gathering on the route and in particular place du 1er mai (departure around 10 a.m.) and place de Jaude (arrival probably between 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.).
  • Risk of overflows at the end of the event (place de Jaude), even if the atmosphere remained extremely calm and good-natured on January 19.

Map of areas expected to be impacted:

© OpensStreetMap and contributors

Copyrights “Visit the city” :
Fond de carte : OpenStreetMap et contributeurs
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